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Copywriter in Devon

To get your website ranking on the major search engines it is a good idea to get a copywriter, Devon and national residents can get in touch with us and we will be able to write highly converting, engaging copy for your website and social media posts.

Why You Need A Good Copywriter

Many people think that ranking your website on the major search engines is all about backlinks. This could not be further from the truth. Google’s algorithm reads each and every webpage and can tell what the page is about just from the content.

Part of the algorithm Google uses deals with synonyms. Synonyms are words that can be swapped for other words to then mean the same thing. For example, instead of keep using the word “good”  we could use the word “great” or “excellent”.

It is a misconception that spamming the same keyword over and over on a page will help you rank well. The fact is Google these days is a very smart search engine and knows if you are doing that and will punish you accordingly.

Using synonymous words helps you not only theme your copy but it stops the problem of over using keywords on a page.

On the same topic, you should use related words to theme what the page is about. Ask yourself, if this page was about “copywriting” (which it is), what words would you expect to see on the page? Some of the obvious ones would be: Writing, written, page, copy, text, etc.

Making sure your copy has a wide variety of related words and synonyms will help Google understand the context of the page. If you are putting in words the search engines expect to see, they will see your site as an informative and trusted site rather than one that is using spammy techniques just to get rankings.

It’s Not All About The Rankings

We all like to be at the number one spot on Google but what is the point if you are not getting people converting or buying your products?

One of the major reasons for having a decent copywriter is making your product stand out from the crowd and for it to sound appealing. You could be getting lots of traffic, but because your wording or phrasing is not right you could be losing sales.

There needs to be a flow to the text on your page and it needs to keep users engaged and doing what you want them to do. Just a small change of wording could be the difference between snagging a sale and losing one.

In one study, just changing one word from “buy now” to “shop now” increased conversions by over 17%! So as you can see, getting your words and phrases right really can make a big difference.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you must get someone who knows about your niche or maybe someone who lives in your area to do your writing.

This is very important as if you live in the south west of England, getting a copywriter who lives in Devon would be beneficial as they know the area well and especially for local rankings, they will be able to write about events or places in the area with some knowledge of what they are writing about.

How We Can Help You With Copywriting

Local Knowledge

Living and working in Devon means we know about the area and can write about things that will engage local potential customers. From local events to knowledge about the area, we can easily knock you up some text that will keep your users reading.

Highly Converting Text

Before we start, we will identify what is currently working for your business and perhaps identify areas where your users are dropping off and we can then change or create new copy that we can track and test to see if it is working.

Copy Designed For SEO

We not only write great copy but we will also make sure it is SEO’ed too. This means that you should move up on Google naturally with the help of on-page optimisation methods that will help with your rankings.

Great Engaging Content

Stop users going elsewhere by having great content that they want to read! Whether you are selling a product or a service, the key to people buying it is making them want it. We can help your overall conversion rate and sales too.

Want to convert more users or sell more products?

If you wish to speak to a professional copywriter, Devon based Web Design Torquay can get you the writer you need to take your business forward.