Building Links The Right Way

Link building is the number one way to get yourself a Google penalty if done incorrectly. Keep reading to see how we can help you build long lasting safe links and create relationships you did not think were possible!

What is a Backlink and Why is it Important to SEO?

We all know what a link is, it is usually underlined in blue and directs us to another page on the web. A backlink is a link that someone has put on their site that directs back to your own site. An internal link is a link that goes between pages on your own website so for example if you wanted to go back to the search engine optimisation page called SEO Devon on this website, you would just click the text in blue to go back to that page.

What makes backlinks so important for SEO is the fact that someone linking to your site means they are giving it an endorsement. Googles sees these and totals up the amount (as well as many other factors) and moves your site up in the rankings accordingly.

Our Approach to Link Building is Centered Around Trust & Relationships

Gone are the days where you could spam a link to your website on the comment section of hundreds of websites and instantly get a page one ranking although, you do see people still trying to sell you these services on places like Fiver.

To get any kind of gain from backlinks you need to be smart and where you put your link is crucial. Let us look at an example:

Tom has a pet food store in Torquay. Now if he was to gain a backlink from Pets at Home then that would be fantastic as it is relevant as well as being in the same sort of business as he is. However, if he were to get a link on a site like a takeaway shop in South Africa then alarm bells would start ringing as it would be a very unusual place to have a backlink for a shop selling pet supplies.

There is much more to it but you get the idea. Relevance and trustworthy sites linking to your site will help you but irrelevant sites and spammy domains will end up harming your site. Unfortunately, many SEO agencies still to this day use very bad methods of gaining links and it is a sure way to get yourself into trouble with Google.

At Web Design Torquay, we take a very straight forward approach to link work. We will only get you links in places where it makes sense to do so and we make sure that they are relevant and from trustworthy sites.

Our Values

When building links we make sure we stick to the same values for each and every project.


We make sure every backlink to your website is from a relevant source.


We only pick the best websites for your links. We have tools that let us see the trustworthiness of each site we plan to do a link on meaning we can make informed decisions.


We make sure our work is done well by checking and double checking all the data we can get hold of. We use a number of paid tools such as Semrush, Majestic and Ahrefs so we can see where is good for you to get a link.

Need Help With Link Building?

Speak to us today so we can tailor a link building package to your needs.