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Businesses looking to get ahead of the competition should look at getting SEO, Plymouth companies that are on the first page of Google and Bing benefit from the huge amount of business it puts their way. Gone are the days of the yellow pages, today, the best way to get calls and leads are from search engines.

Local SEO For Plymouth Businesses

If you have a business in Plymouth, one of the best ways for people to find out where you are is by searching for your services on Google or Bing.

Many people think that their general customer will search for their business name however, this is not usually the case.

Let’s say for an example you were looking for our company on Google. You might type “Web Design Torquay” if you knew what you were looking for but most people would search instead for keywords such as the name of the service you provide. Which for us is usually keywords like SEO Devon or “SEO in Plymouth” or “SEO Plymouth” even “SEO near me”

You see, most people want convenience. They want to quickly find what they are looking for and most of the time that will be the first company that they come across on a search engine.

How you get noticed on web search is by being high up in the listings. The majority of people do not go to page two when looking for things so being on page one is a must.


One of the best ways to be at the top is to get a local listing on Google or bing. If you have a look at the image above, you can see that having a local listing, like the one you can see on the right, really stands out. There is an image, a map and lots of information that covers the whole right hand side. This is a prime spot for getting noticed.




Starting your Search Engine Optimisation

The first thing to do to get that coverted right hand listing is to verify your business with Google. You can do that here. You will need to fill out all of your business information, upload a logo and submit it to Google.

Sometimes they will allow you to verify by telephone but most of the time you will have to wait to receive a card in the post to your address in Plymouth with a verification number.

Once that is done you are able to get that nice looking right hand listing when certain keywords are typed into Google. You should usually get this if someone types in your business name or your business name followed with a keyword.

Give it a try and see if you have it there already, sometimes it will need some SEO work to show your company though if it is a common name or a highly used keyword.

Although the business listing is great, the best and most clicked link in the SERPS is the number 1 organic listing. This one will require some SEO work to get.

Our SEO Services

Organic Rankings

When we talk about organic rankings, we mean the list on Google that is below the top few adverts. This is the place that you really want to be ranking for your keywords.

Recent studies have shown that most people never click onto page 2 of Google and that 92% of people will click a link on the first page. This is why being on page one is so important. Not only that but once you are there it is free.

How we can help you drive more traffic to your site

Using a mixture of on-site and off-site SEO, we can help raise your organic rankings so you are more visible on the search engines. The higher up you get, the more chance you have that someone will click through to your website.

Did you know that it is not just SEO that we do? We also do web design, Plymouth brands and companies come to use to redesign their websites as well as optimising them for speed and SEO.

Want to get more vistiors to your site?

If you are looking for SEO, Plymouth residents and businesses can give us a call today and see how we can help you get more from your company.